My husband beats me even while I’m pregnant

I am a victim of domestic violence and I value my life so much. That is why I am here to seek help and advice on what to do. I have two children and I am currently pregnant. My husband is a beast. I do not know how I found myself in this marriage. Initially, he was a good man, very thoughtful and cared for other people. Now I cannot even explain who I am living with and I cannot speak emphatically on whether my marriage is making progress or going down the drain. I think it is the latter because it seems to be getting worse by the day. This man beats me like I am a thief and I stole something of immense value to him. 

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He is easily triggered and finds a problem with little things or mistakes that I make. The other day, I made dinner and served the kids. He didn’t return early and he didn’t call to inform me that he’ll come home late. I called him and he didn’t answer nor return my calls. I put the kids to bed early and since we waited for long without seeing him, I had to eat with the kids so they can go to bed. He returned late around 8:30 pm and the kids had already gone to bed. I greeted him and told him I called to know his whereabouts but he didn’t answer. I served his meal but I didn’t know that it was no longer hot. It was not cold though, it was just warm.

He got angry and asked why I would serve him a cold meal by that time of the night. I was about to take it to the microwave when he snapped and poured the meal on me, the plate slipped and fell on my toes making a big cut. He left and went to bed. This is only one experience. The other one was a miscarriage because he beat me mercilessly when I was pregnant. This man has no regard whatsoever for my life or that of his children. He claims to love our children but I wonder how he’d love them and treat their mother this way. Sometimes he tries not to make it obvious in front of the children that we’re not on good terms but the kids know.

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I am tired of this union. I am only here because of my children and also because I don’t have a source of income. If I decide to leave with my children now, I can’t take care of them, I can’t even feed or pay their fees because I am not working. I don’t want to go to my parents house. Their neighbors will talk and I don’t want my parents to feel terrible. I need a way out. Please, you all should advise me. I really want to leave this marriage but I don’t want to leave without a plan. I want to leave prepared. I am already looking for a job. If there is any other option or something I can do, please advise me.

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