My husband beats me regularly. Should I keep fighting for my marriage or tell my parents?

Dear Naijaaparents. Please keep me anonymous. I am a young mother of two and I have been married to my husband for 8 years now. My husband has been assaulting me since last year and it gets worse by the day. It started after I found out he was cheating on me with a lady that works at a hotel. I was scared and pissed as at then so I confronted him. He was not loved and he simply told me to get over it. 

Things are not going so well in my family so I was angry that he still had the guts to keep a side chick and give her money even when we were struggling to feed. I realized he got her a House and furnished it. I went through the girls Instagram and she is really living well while my husband encourages me to manage.

I was so angry when I found out so I acted out of proportion. I shouted at him even in tears. It really broke me because we were suffering. I couldn’t imagine that he was that heartless not to care for his family. When I spoke to him and he dismissed my concerns, I felt the better way to handle it was to scare the girl. 

I sent her a message on Instagram telling her to leave my husband. She was rude and told me it wasn’t her duty to leave my husband but mine to keep him well. I was as polite as possible but when she replied to me in such a derogatory manner, I got very angry. She also told me I had no right to confront her and that she could crash my marriage if she wanted to. Guys, I was livid. I was so fucking angry. All I wanted to do was to rip her apart. 

With the help of my friend, we found out where she was working which was a popular hotel here in Lagos. I went there and made a scene. I wasn’t even feeling embarrassed, all u wanted was to save my marriage. I told her to stay away from my husband in the presence of other hotel staff. It got so heated that the manager came out and I showed him the proof that she was dating my husband. 

I later left and that night, my husband came home and gave me the beating of my life. That was when I found out that she was sacked and she called my husband to inform him. Ever since then, things have gotten worse. My husband rarely brings money for food and he beats me for no reason. 

I have bruises all over my body and the one of last week got me thinking seriously. He hit my head on the wall and I lost consciousness. I was hospitalized for two days and he isn’t even showing any sign of remorse. I am really scared for my life. He is getting worse and I don’t want to die. I want to raise my kids well. What should I do? Should I keep fighting for my marriage or tell my parents? 

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