My husband bought a car for his side chick

Please hide my identity before you post this. I am really very sad as I write to you. I have given up all my life just for this man, his people and my kids but I can say that I have nothing to show for it. I met this man when he had nothing. He had absolutely nothing and feeding was a huge problem. I was learning how to sew in my mother’s friend’s shop while he had just set up a mechanic shop not too far from where I was learning how to sew. I always passed his shop on my way to shop and we always exchanged pleasantries. We later got close and then things were not very rosy for him. He had just finished learning that job and he was not really getting enough customers as he expected because he was starting anew. Because of this, he was usually idle and sometimes he would walk down to our shop since he was on good terms with my madam. Everyone knew him and all. Sometimes he couldn’t even feed and it was obvious. He was always yawning and he even began to lose weight at some point in time. However he was a nice person so I would bring food for him sometimes on my way to work. 

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We later got closer. Things were becoming good for him and he began to get customers. They weren’t so large but he was doing better than before. As time went on, he progressed and even got an apprentice. Later on, I finished learning how to sew and moved to a completely different location. We lost contact but reconnected one day after he called me and said he got my contact from my madam. We started talking and to cut the long story, two a year later we started dating. Life wasn’t perfect since he wasn’t well established but at least he could feed and do more. We later got married after two years and things had improved. We had two sons and my husband expanded to spare parts. He got into wholesale big time through the help of an old friend I knew. I plead with him to guide my husband and he did. Things changed for us so much. I was still sewing but we were better than before. We could train our kids well and also feed without problems at all. 

I just found out this weekend that my husband bought a car for his side chick. To be honest I am going crazy. At first I didn’t believe it when I heard but I have confirmed it. I knew that he changed. He was no longer treating me like he used to but he wasn’t really bad to me. What I noticed was that he no longer gave me details about his life like before but he never laid hands on me to beat me or refuse to give me money. He always sent me the usual monthly income and sometimes he even sent more than before. He took care of our sons and still paid bills as he should. He was doing the core things he should do but I knew that our connection was lost. I tried to get myself to understand but all was not fruitful. I also asked him so many times but nothing happened. Until now, I never knew he had a side chick. I didn’t know that he was cheating not to go to the extent of buying her a brand new car. I am going crazy. How long has he known that he is already buying her a car? 

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Can you believe that up till now, I am still using the same car I got when my first child was born and my first child is currently 14 years old. I have been complaining that the car is giving me a lot of problems and he has been saying he will do something about it. Sometimes he even ignored me completely. I have been managing the old car and now I heard he has bought a new car for someone else. I felt like running mad when I saw that thing. I was heartbroken, shattered and mentally drained. I thought about a lot of things. I quickly confronted him but he just said he was sorry. He did it reluctantly. What did I do to deserve this kind of treatment? Please what can I do? I can’t leave things this way. If not the next thing he will start bringing her home. I am planning to take the car from her through any means possible. I can’t watch another woman chop my sweat. Please talk to me.  

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