My husband disrespects me because I don’t have a job.

I really want to pour out my heart. I have been hiding my emotions and trying to let this man see that I am trying but it’s not working. I graduated five years ago even before I got married. I stayed with my aunty temporarily after graduation when I was waiting for my call up letter. While I was there, I was working at a shop that sells phones and phone accessories, the manager was a good person so my salary was good. I saved up some money from there and I was even doing an online business. I was selling bags and clothes online and I had a lot of customers.

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After my service, the company I worked with retained me and that was how I met him. We have been married for over three years now and I haven’t been working. My husband owns a business where he sells building materials. I got pregnant immediately after our wedding so I couldn’t start working. Even after delivery, I had to stay at home and raise the child. When I finally started looking for I job, I couldn’t find. I have been searching for a job since then but I haven’t been lucky. Some of the vacancies I saw need a single person and there were also some that needed me to stay in the staff apartment but my husband refused.

I noticed recently that my husband has been to sensitive and irritated. Every small thing I do  he complains. He keeps complaining that I am lazy and all I do is eat and sleep around. The other day that we had a quarrel, he said I was jobless and wasn’t contributing anything to the family. I was very angry that in a marriage that is not even up to four years that he is already speaking to me like this and we are already fighting. His business has not been doing so well and he has been complaining about it. I understand how he feels but I don’t like it that he is always transferring agression to me.

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I asked him for money for food the other day and all hell was let loose. It was in the morning when he was preparing to go for his business. There was no food for dinner so I had to go to the market that day and I needed money. He got angry and complained about how I was jobless and always spending money recklessly. I am tired of always begging him for money and getting insulted. I have been looking for a job and he knows. The other one I got as a receptionist, he said he didn’t like it so I stopped. I got another one to do POS business for someone and he said he didn’t like it because men will use it as opportunity to ask me out. What else does he want me to do? I am trying my best and I’m tired.

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