My husband doesn’t buy anything in my name and I am uncomfortable with it. What should I do?

Please help me post this. I have been married to my husband for about 12 years now and although we have been living in peace, there is something that has been on my mind and I have been bothered about it for a long time. In marriage, I know that two become one but I don’t know if my husband believes that. In our 12 years of marriage, my husband has never bought anything in my name. We live together and do a lot together as couples bitcoin have come to realize that in all the property that my husband bought, be it lands, car, shops and anything, my name is never there as a co-owner. I know a lot of couples that have their names written together in their property but mine is not the same. My husband buys all these things in his name, there is no document in this house that contains my name and it makes me worried. 

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This did not start today so I am not going to say he changed because of something I did wrong. No, it has always been like that. When we got married as new couples, he never bought anything in my name but I tried to overlook it. I made excuses for him that perhaps he is not used to adding someone else’s name in documents but as time went on, I realized that he does not forget, he just doesn’t add my name intentionally. I asked him one day why he never added my name to our property and he simply said it doesn’t make any difference that what belongs to him also belongs to me. I tried to make him understand that we are couples and even tried explaining to him why he should add my name in these documents but he kept on making it look like I was pushing too much. I reluctantly gave up but it has been on my mind since then. 

I have heard about  couples and families that broke up and the woman was left with nothing. It is not as if I am praying for my marriage to witness any challenge or even have issues to the point of ending things, I just like to play safe at all times. Honestly, it does not make any sense that a man I call my husband will buy and own property and my name will not be included in any of the documents as the co-owner, wife, or anything that can suffice. Can you believe that the car my husband bought for me during my birthday last year was not even in my name. It was his name that was in the car. I don’t want it to look like I am overreacting but when you take a good look at the situation, you will understand why I am concerned about the way things are going.

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My husband is a very nice person, I am not even going to argue about that but all I am asking for is to be treated like his partner, like his wife. I don’t want a situation where someone will wake up tomorrow and decide to take everything we both worked hard for. If my name is not in the documents, it is obvious that when issues arise, I cannot even make a case in a court. I want the best for myself and my kids. I want them to have a nice future. I don’t want any stories and that is why I am trying to secure things for myself and my kids. Please, what do you suggest that I do? I have tried every means I can think of yet he doesn’t agree to do the needful. Please help me. I need your suggestions. 

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