My husband doesn’t help his family. I can’t explain this.

Please help me post this as soon as you can because I need to hear from your community members. I got married in 2020 shortly before the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown. We had a big wedding and my husband’s family loved and accepted me wholeheartedly. I counted myself so lucky to have witnessed that kind of love and acceptance because I have heard a lot of people complain about the negative treatment they get from their husband’s family. I have been living together with my husband peacefully since then. We have a child together, he is turning two years old very soon and my husband is doing great as well.

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When we got married, everything was going perfectly well. Everyone was in peace and harmony. I live in Abuja with my husband while his parents live in Lagos. We used to go and see them and spend time with them. My husband works with a big company and he earns very well. I have a job though but I don’t even contribute much because my husband handles everything. Every month, he gives me an appreciable amount of money to stock up the house with foodstuffs. We also have a routine where we send money to our family members especially our parents during the first or second week of every month.

All of a sudden, my husband changed. I noticed he didn’t send money to his family in the month of March. When I asked why, he said it was because he needed to save up for a project he wanted to embark on. I found it rather puzzling that a project would stop him from sending money to his family. I didn’t flare up. I enquired about the project but he didn’t give me a valid answer. He was just spewing many incomprehensible things. At the end of the day he said I should forget about it and that he would tell me about the project when it is fully happening. This continued for two more months and no matter how I pled with him, he wouldn’t budge.

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After some time, in July. He made it clear that he was not under any form of compulsion to send money to them (his family) that everyone should fend for himself and not leech on him. People, we have been having issues since then. The worst part is that his family thinks that I am the one stopping him from helping and they are spreading this false narrative. I hate that my husband is acting this way. He is putting me in a very tight corner. He did not quarrel with any of his family members so why is he acting this way? I know how things are for his family and they need support. His family has been so good to me which is why I hate my husband’s actions. I need help. I don’t know what to do about this.

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