My husband doesn’t help my family

Please keep me anonymous. I am tired of managing, enduring and hoping that things will change for good. Everytime I try to do something different to help my family, I get into trouble with my husband and I am tired of such a life. I am married to one of the men people refer to as being very rich, I mean stinkingly rich by sadly, all I see is audio money. I have children for this man but he doesn’t even have any regard whatsoever for my family. He is very rich, he has a filling station, he imports electrical appliances, has different houses with tenants in different places and still runs other small businesses. All these things give him so much money to the extent that he hardly thinks before spending. He spends heavily on strangers and also his friends but he doesn’t care about my family. 

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It baffles me so much that whenever I talk about my family, he is less concerned and asks me to forget about it or claims to be too busy or tired to have such conversation. Things were not like this when we just got married. He had good communication with my parents, especially my mom. He used to call them regularly. The only thing was that he was not this rich when we got married. He was just comfortable and doing a few business. We were not hungry and we could also take care of ourselves and our family. In the 6th year of our marriage, he changed completely and I couldn’t do anything about it. He insisted that we use a joint account. He deactivated my personal account and we started using the joint account. I later found out that he was still using his personal accounts.  

He doesn’t send money to my family and he doesn’t even want me to send it to them.  He sends money to his mom and siblings on the 3rd of every month but he doesn’t send anything to my family. I have confronted him about this so many times but he doesn’t say anything about it. The worst is that he has become very violent. He beats me sometimes especially when I challenge him or insist he does something. There was a time I spent 4 days at the hospital because of what he did to me. Since then I have grown very scared of him. The days I sent money and foodstuff to my family, he found out and kept on shouting and saying a lot of inhumane things. I don’t know why he suddenly changed. He doesn’t like any of my siblings coming to visit, not even my mom. He simply doesn’t need anybody from my family. 

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My sister was Preparing for JAMB exams, I pleaded with him for my sister to stay in my house so that she can go for lessons and also help me take care of the children but he refused. Meanwhile his niece came and stayed for almost 6 months and I never complained even for once. This man had done so many mean and unfair things to me but I am still managing. This Christmas, he didn’t even send anything to my family. I was able to steal some money and send it to my family. I am honestly tired of this but I don’t know what to do. I have 4 children for him so if I decide to leave, who will take care of them for me? They are so adorable and I love them so much. I need help on what to do please. 

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