My husband doesn’t reciprocate my love.

I need advice on this. I have been complaining to my husband about the way he treats me and he is beginning to look at me as if I am a nagging wife. Meanwhile, all I want is to be loved and cherished like the good wife and mother that I am. I am a mother, I have two children and my husband is a business guy. He is into real estate and he sells cars as well. We got married five years ago and it looks as if he is tired of the marriage. Even if he is not tired, his actions say otherwise. We are young couples and as such, we should act as one. We should do things to spice up our marriage and as such make it stand the test of time.

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When we got married, we used to go on dates, club, visit friends, go for parties, weekend getaways and other exciting stuff but all that stopped after we had our first child. At first, I was uninterested because my baby was taking all my time and I was so exhausted to do all those things but when I finally developed interest again, my husband said it wasn’t good for us. Now, that aside. I do a lot of things to show my husband how much he means to me just like our children. I do not have a high paying job but I save up to get presents for my husband. My husband’s business requires him to look good at all times because he deals with rich clients.

As a result of this, he wears expensive things. He loves certain perfumes and designer shoes that are so expensive. Even though my job doesn’t pay me much, I saved up and bought him two of these shoes, a perfume and an iwatch. You can imagine how expensive these things were. They were above 300k but I happily spent that money because he is my husband and I love him. However, he didn’t act as if he appreciated them. He said thank you but for someone who knows how expensive these things were, his emotions or reactions were really low and I felt bad about it. The worst part is that he has not worn those shoes since I bought them and they are his size.

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He only uses the perfume and watch but not frequently. I feel bad that he acts this way. For someone who doesn’t buy me gifts or spoil me, he doesn’t even appreciate it when I do that for him. I don’t know what my marriage is turning into. My husband is stressing me out and when I complain about all these things that he does, he says I complain too much and sometimes goes ahead to call me a nagging wife. He doesn’t reciprocate my love and that is very heartbreaking. Two weeks ago was our anniversary. He didn’t even remember it at all, not to talk of buying me a gift or celebrating it. This is so unfair and unromantic. Our union is still very young. If he continues this way how will we stand the test of time? I am tired of all these.

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