My husband doesn’t support me financially.

I am married to a man I no longer understand. When we were dating, he was very nice and free with money. He spent on me well and even bought nice and expensive clothes and shoes for me. I am not someone that demands a lot from people. I am gainfully employed and I was raised in such a way that we are not entitled, instead, we are content with what we have while striving for more. This is one of those attributes that make men want to stay with me amidst other reasons. This is because I do not disturb them for money but work for my own.

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I met this my husband and I stayed true to myself, I didn’t pretend neither was I too demanding. Things worked out between us and honestly, he was a great guy and there were just too many positive sides of him that I couldn’t ignore. He was an upright man and shared his plans with me. I love him dearly as he stood out from many men I have met in the past. So far, we have been married for two years and I haven’t been able to get something big to do. I dumped my business after we got married and relocated to join my husband. I couldn’t even start business immediately because I was pregnant.

Now, I run a boutique which is completely different from what I used to do. So since I am pretty new in this line of business, it is safe to say that I am struggling. My business requires a lot of capital and I don’t have that. I have a reliable supplier that sends me quality goods but I do not have enough funds to order as much goods as possible and we all know that the more you order, the more gain you make. I have customers but because I don’t have goods, I miss out on sales sometimes. I once spoke to my husband about these challenges I encounter in my business but he gave me a cold shoulder.

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He didn’t outrightly say whether or not he was going to support me, his response was more like, I will see what I can do but he never did anything or brought up the matter again. I have since then been struggling and because of the response he gave me the other time I asked, I even lost courage to ask him again because I hate negative responses especially from people I love. Besides, I know what it took me before I mustered courage to even ask him for help. He has been seeing me go to work and come back daily but he has never asked me how I was coping or brought up the money I asked him for. If he doesn’t have money to support me now, he could have told me and I would understand but he didn’t. I don’t know how to feel.

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