My husband doesn’t want me to shave my vaginal hair and armpit. – Wife speaks.

I’ve known my husband for 7 years. We actually started dating in our 4th year and by the 6th year, we got married. Throughout the time we were dating, things were moving well and of course, we do have issues but they were not so serious. We resolved them amicably and loved each other so much. 

The problem now is that my husband prefers me to leave my public hair later all grown and I find it stupid. He does not allow me to shave the hairs in my armpit or in my lower region and it is very annoying for me. I am a very clean person and I live to shave regularly. I do understand his recent desire for hairs. 

When I spoke to him about this, he didn’t say anything meaningful about it. He just said he loves it that way and it turns him on. Mind you, I dated him for more than two years before we got married. And all those times we were dating, he had never got once talked about hairs and the role the play during sex.

The first time he said this, I laughed it off because I thought he was only joking. I shaved my hair as usual and when we were having sex, he got angry and said I went against his wish. That was when I found out that he was serious about it. The following day, I apologized to him in order for peace to rain as he was not talking to me. We later agreed I was going to do as he said. 

Now my hair is growing. I hate keeping hairs because they make me really uncomfortable. I shave almost every week and that’s something I have been doing for years now. These hairs are seriously itching and irritating me and to make matters worse, most of the clothes I wear to work are sleeveless shirts. 

I have spoken to my husband in a calm manner to make him understand why I need to shave. He said he would give me money to buy new clothes that can cover my armpit. He doesn’t understand my plight and it is sickening. 

I do not know who he has been talking to about things like this. I also don’t know if he is seeing another woman for him to be acting this way. I feel like he is cheating on me with another woman. If not, where did he see a woman that doesn’t shave? How does he know how pleasurable such sex is? 

I do not want to believe he has been seeing another woman because it is still so early for him to do so. We have only been married for about two years so why would he be cheating this early. I need a solution on how to handle this problem. Your inputs will be appreciated. Thanks and please hide my identity.

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