My husband doesn’t want me to work or have anything to do with my family. – Masters Degree Holder Speaks.

I am married to a very rich man who sees nothing wrong with me being a housewife since he has enough resources to cover for himself and the house as a whole. This is very uncomfortable for me because I am tired of being a housewife. I am a masters degree holder with a distinction from a top University here in Nigeria. It breaks my heart to see that I can’t put that certificate into use. 

I have tried so many times to make him see reasons why I need to start working. He has reduced me to nothing in this house. He doesn’t respect me because he believes he provides everything and I contribute to nothing in the house. All I do is cook and take care of the kids. 

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To make matters worse, my husband doesn’t want me to have anything to do with my family. He doesn’t call nor want them to visit me. When I gave birth to my first child, my mother came but I noticed my husband was not happy. He kept on dropping comments about how we have a helpmate who can help me take care of my baby. He also said he could call his mom or his experienced sister to help me through the post pregnancy phase. 

When I insisted on having my mother come, he reluctantly gave in. On my second delivery, he blatantly refused to have my mom in his house. I begged him and cried my eyes out but he wouldn’t move. I threatened to leave and he gave the workers and security men an order never to let me step out of the house. 

Now he doesn’t want me to send anything home to my parents or siblings. I don’t know if I should say he is stingy. He has so much money and gives people things but when it comes to my family, he doesn’t want to give anything to them. I do not come from a rich home so my family is kind of an average home. We don’t beg for food but at least, I should help them. I have explained to my husband many times about why I have to take care of my family but he doesn’t listen.

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He takes care of his family very well and sends them money every month. He still sends them money sometimes within the month when he feels like. He sends foodstuff and clothes to them at home and makes sure they lack nothing. He also rebuilt their home into something beautiful but whenever I speak about my family, he becomes deaf. 

My younger brother got a job close to where I live and he called to stay at my house for the mean time till he got an apartment of his own but my husband refused. That broke my heart. I begged him so many times and cried but he wouldn’t hear any of it. He gave an excuse that he doesn’t want anyone to molest his children. Meanwhile his nephew stays with us. 

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He does not care about the well-being of my family and that bothers me so much. My parents and siblings feel I have changed because I married a rich man. They no longer call me or have any regard for me. When I call them, they do not answer. When they do, they are very cold. I have not been able to visit them since two years now. My husband doesn’t allow me to leave the house not to speak of being away for too long. 

I am tired of this marriage. It brings me nothing but pain and takes me farther away from the people I love so much. Those who nurtured and cared for me. I miss my family and I hate the fact that our bond has been broken. I don’t have any friends. No one visits me and I can’t visit anyone. I am sick and tired of this type of life. I am tired of this marriage. 

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