My husband feels intimidated by my success

Please share this on your page so that your readers can see it and share their opinions. I am in a fix currently because from every indication, it is obvious that my husband doesn’t want me to be really happy. I have tried as much as possible not to read meaning into his actions but there are no sugarcoating words here anymore. It is very obvious that he is threatened by me and the things I am able to achieve. Way before I even got married, I have always been a goal getter. I know what I want and once I make up my mind to achieve that, I don’t stop until I do. Funnily enough my husband knows about this and he said it’s partly why he married me.

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So it amuses me and also leaves me highly bewildered as to why the same man that married me because of this trait is suddenly feeling intimidated by the things I am able to accomplish. First, it started when I told him that I wanted to enroll for my masters program. He passively asked if it was necessary and asked if I couldn’t just use my degree and get to any stage I wanted. I didn’t read meaning into that, I just told him that masters was important and it will give me and edge over others in searching for a job. He has a masters certificate so I didn’t feel there was a need to teach him the benefits of a masters certificate. At the end of the day, he just sad he knows I will eventually do what I want and I overlooked it.

I finally finished the masters and got another job that paid higher. He was happy about the pay but barely one month into the job, he started complaining about how I invest so much time into the job and barely care about him and the kids. Now this was a fat lie. My new job had almost the same work duration as my old job, I left the house by 8am every morning and returned by 4:30pm. Now, looking at the bright side of it, there are not many jobs that close around this time in my field, many close around 5 or 6pm. I had time to cook and take care of the kids but my husband still complained. Many times I even get home before him.

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It got so bad that he was asking me to leave the job. I was angry. I had fun at the job and it gave me time and higher pay so why would he ask me to leave. He became so serious about it and for peace to reign, I began to look for another job. I got one over a year ago and it gives me the opportunity to work from home and not go to the office about two times a week. I have grown in this current job and even gotten promoted twice. The last time I was promoted, my husband didn’t even celebrate with me. He just acted like he didn’t care. There are many other actions he has been displaying but this current one trumps all. He said I should resign and find a simpler job. He is very serious about it. Which other job is simpler than this one?

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