My husband has a child elsewhere but he’s denying it.

This is very important to me because it is posing a challenge to peace in my family. We used to be one happy family but now, things are falling apart and it gets worse by the day. My attention was recently drawn by a friend to something she noticed. She lived in the outskirts of town, a street that is a bit far from mine. She said she always saw my husband in their neighborhood and she thought to ask if we had a relative there, I told her we didn’t and he probably goes to visit a friend or goes for a business related visit. She said it in passing and since it was just a casual conversation, my reply was genuine and I never paid serious attention to her assertion.

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I also never told my husband about it because I didn’t think it was a big deal. Some time passed and this friend of mine told me on a more serious note that she realized my husband comes to visit a lady and her daughter in her neighbourhood. This drew my interest at once. This woman is my great friend, we have known each other for almost seven years now and in all these years she has had my best interest at heart and she never gave me a reason to doubt how much of a good friend she is. Thus, when she told me this, I knew it was from a place of love and she was looking out for me so I took it more seriously and decided to find out who the lady was.

With the help of my friend, we found out from other neighbors that the baby is for my husband and the lady in question had a fling with my husband. Of course I was furious. I immediately confronted my husband with all the evidence that I had gathered but the funny thing was that this man looked me in the eyes and denied everything I said. He said all I heard were all lies and intended to break our marriage. He however, agreed that he visited the said street a few times but they were in the past and only for business purposes. In all sincerity, it is very difficult for ne to believe him. I have two children with him and I have always been a good wife. I also believe he is a good man but this situation has made me question his honesty. 

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The lady’s daughter looks so much like my husband. I know random people may look like each other but it is almost impossible for this child not to be for my husband. The resemblance is striking and if at all it is true that the child is his, I will be heartbroken. This is partly because the child is younger than my first son which means her cheated on me while married. If the girl was older than my first child, I would have said it’s from hia past relationship and I can handle it differently. He is blatantly denying it. Please, I need to know other ways to approach this situation. How do I confirm if the child is his or not? I am very disturbed and this is affecting my marriage.

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