My husband has not had sex with me for some months now.

Please keep me anonymous. I am very confused and I do not have any other option that is why I am sending this message to you. I have two children who are aged 4 and 1 year respectively. My husband and I have been married for about six years now and everything seems to be smooth until now. My last child is currently one year and that almost corresponds to the last time my husband touched me. I am a woman with feelings just like every other person and I have tried my best to communicate this to my husband in the way I think or assume he best understands but none of my approaches is working.

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I don’t know why my husband no longer wants to sleep with me. I am young and beautiful. I am fair, tall and in very good shape. A lot of times, when I am passing on the road, I see many people looking at me. I am very fair so it is hard for me to pass you by without being noticed. I am also very neat and I invest a lot of money into how I look. My creams and perfumes are very expensive and that’s because I still want to look great for my husband. Is it about my cooking skills? I am not trying to boast but I have great cooking skills. My husband himself agrees that I make wonderful meals. I remember when I went to see his family before marriage, they loved my cooking.

Is it about cleanliness? I was raised by a very clean woman. My mother abhors dirts so much and she imbibed this in us as well. We loves it when everywhere is sparkling clean and I got this attitude from her. I keep my house very clean. Even though I have two children that love playing, it is rare for you to come to my house and say that I am dirty. My children have a playing space and once they are done playing, I clean that space and keep everything in order. I am a good wife. I am not trying to blow my trumpet but I know that I am a good wife. I am sharing all these details because I have taken time to think about what or things that might be making my husband act this way.

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I have also asked him if there was anything he observed about me that is turning him off but he said everything was okay. I am tired of asking him. He seems to be comfortable with his decision but I’m going crazy. I have checked online and on different forums for possible causes of his actions but I didn’t find any. I need your help. I do not know what to do. This man’s pushing me to the walls but I honestly do not want to cheat. I love my husband so much. He is a great husband and father. He still provides for us. Apart from this issue, there is absolutely nothing else wrong with our marriage. I don’t know why he is treating me this way. I don’t even want to believe that he is cheating on me. I need help please.

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