My husband impregnated my sister. What should I do? Please help.

I’m in great dilemma Naijaaparents. I need your help please. As I write to you, my world is crumbling. My husband of 4 years has gotten my sister pregnant. I am in huge shock. I gave birth during the beginning of last year but I had a demanding job. I barely had time to take care of myself and my family, not even my new born baby. To worsen the matter, my boss gave me only a month’s leave to enable me to take care of my baby.

This was very difficult for me because a month was so small and I hadn’t been married for long. My mom and my mother in law came and left already. I needed help urgently. I had to resume work or else I’d be sacked. And according to the company’s policy, I couldn’t take my child to work. Because of this I call my sister to come and stay with us since she doesn’t do anything. 

My sister is a graduate but didn’t have a job so we asked her to stay with us while she continues applying for a job. Little did I know that this decision of mine to allow her stay was going to ruin my marriage and my future. My sister and my husband started having an affair behind my back and now she is going to have a child for him. I have a son who is a little above a year and now my sister is having a child for the same man and she is in no way bothered about it. 

I actually found out because she was having pregnancy symptoms. But before that, she was beginning to disrespect me even while in my matrimonial home. I would always confront her when she does things that are wrong but that period, she was beginning to show certain bad characters. She grew wings and wouldn’t do things I want her to do. Because of this I got angry that day and shouted at her. Out of anger, she packed her things and left the house. 

When my husband returned, he was so angry and threatened to do something bad to me if my sister doesn’t return. I didn’t know what to do so I apologized to my sister. After some days she accepted my apology but refused to come back to my house. Little did I know that she was already seeing my husband. My mom just called me last week to tell me that the lab results confirmed that my sister is pregnant. She had noticed her body changes and asked her to go for a test. 

I was very angry and disappointed in her that I went to see her the next day. I told my husband about it but he acted cold and very worried. When I got to the village some of my close relations were around and after a series of queries, she finally opened up that my husband is responsible for the pregnancy. I can’t say how I feel now. I was thinking it was a joke but my husband has left the house without prior notice and he has refused to answer his phone or call back. I am going crazy. 

Why does it have to be my sister? My only sister? Where do I start from.My husband and I used to be a very lovely couple and people admired us. I respected him, loved him and stood by him for many years even before and after our marriage. I could stand and vouch for me but now, I cannot look into his eyes because all I feel is anger, hatred, and resentment. I no longer see a husband, all I see is a monster in human form. What do I do? I really need help please. Help me, I’m losing my mind. 

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