My husband invests almost his entire salary in crypto.

Please keep me anonymous. I know that the world is going digital and people should rightly advance as well. However, I have every reason to believe that my husband of seven years is going about this the wrong way and is also being misled by someone he trusts. My husband is a civil servant. He works in the local government and his salary is just okay. Sometimes it is not enough to take care of our needs as a family. If not because I work, we might have been thrown out of this apartment a long time ago. My husband is quite a strong willed man, it can be a good thing sometimes but a lot of times, ir makes me very angry because when he decides on something, he doesn’t care what I think.

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He loves to do things on his own terms and this pisses me off because he does not involve me in the decision making process as his wife that I am and sometimes these decisions affect not just him but the entire family – myself and my children inclusive. I have been managing and living with this awful nature of his for long but this recent attitude is more than I can take. Recently, my husband got into contact with one of his old school mates and according to him, the guy is doing very well and has a nice car and all. When my husband asked him, he said he was into cryptocurrencies and my husband couldn’t stand but ask him for help.

The guy told him that he’s into cryptocurrencies and further agreed to help my husband. My husband has been sending him money since then. Initially, I didn’t know about this because he didn’t tell me. However, I noticed that my husband was increasingly complaining about being broke even during the beginning of the month when they just finished paying salaries. It got so bad that I couldn’t take it anymore. I flared up one day when I asked him for money for food and he said he didn’t have. I was so mad and I threatened to leave with the kids since he has sworn not to handle his responsibilities as the head of the family.

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It was at this point that he felt sorry and began to tell me what he has been doing for two months already. Since he started giving that guy money, he has never given him anything as income. I don’t know exactly how crypto trading works but I know that it is not as easy as that guy is making it look because it depends on luck and probability. My husband said that guy takes money from people and invests it for them. I believe he is just a packaged swindler but my husband doesn’t believe me. He still thinks the guy is genuine and still plans on sending him money. He believes it’s an investment and money takes time to mature. I don’t know how else to tell him that he is being scammed and we are starving.

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