My husband is a Chronic gambler.

I need help urgently because I’m losing it already. I don’t know the kind of man I got married to, I no longer understand him and am baffled by what he has suddenly turned into. My husband is now a gambler, a Chronic one at that. He is a father of three children, three good children. How does he focus on gambling and neglect his core duties as a father and a husband. When I met him he was not like this, he was nothing close to who he currently is. He used to work with a publishing company and he was doing well. He earned a decent living and was even speaking of starting his own publishing company when we met.

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We got married and he decided to work a little longer with the company so he could save up more money before starting his own. As at then, I was still a student and he was also paying my school fees so he had quite a number of responsibilities which made him not start his own company immediately. However, as with money, you can never save enough. We taught he was going to save more but instead, the responsibilities kept expanding and we even started struggling at some point. We had a child and the pressure became more and more intense. This made his dream of owning his own company a dead one.

My husband started gambling some years after our marriage. Initially, it started with a certain cooperative team he formed with some certain people where you contribute monthly and get interest every month. From that, he started betting, the football kind of betting just like bet Naija. He was betting with small money but as he saw his friends win, he started increasing the amount he was betting with. I tried to talk him out of it several times but he kept assuring me that it was just temporary and he wasn’t betting huge amounts. From that he was introduced into an investment plan where you invest and get a certain percentage as ROI after six months. 

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The higher you invest, the higher your return and that was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. He started that one last year and I was strongly against it. Having seen how he was gradually getting addicted to this lifestyle, I fought against it but he was too adamant. He invested the first time with 80k and made extra money. His friend that invested 200k earned more and my husband was pushed to invest more even when I warned him against it. He invested 300k and that one paid as well. He became more and more addicted and the one that is killing us now is that he borrowed money from people to invest in other to earn more and it seems it has crashed.

I am talking about 3 million naira he borrowed from people. The time to get his return has passed but the company is not saying anything. They are telling their investors to be patient and the terrible thing is that our house rent is long overdue, we are already 6 weeks behind schedule and the landlord is threatening to throw us out. Our house rent is part of what he invested and I don’t know what to do. I don’t have enough money to handle the rent and my husband can’t borrow anymore since he’s already owing. I’m doomed. I don’t know the way forward.

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