My husband is a deadbeat father

I need your advice because this is weighing me down. Day in day out I struggle like I am the only parent that my children have meanwhile they have a father who is physically and mentally strong. It beats my imagination that nothing in this house bothers my husband, not money for food, not the school fees for the children, not even bills for light or even house rent. It is as if I am raising him. He remains under my room and spends not even a dime on his children or myself. He comes home at will and demands for food, he never asks where I got the money from even knowing full well what the economic situation of things currently is in the country.

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We have five children and I am fully responsible for all of these children. I am working my ass of trying to put food on the table while my husband has a good paying job but has vehemently and unapologetically refused to take care of his children or take up his task as a father. I know he is cheating on me and that is probably where he spends all his money. I have seen him multiple times with different women and I am already tired of complaining. He changes women like someone changes clothes. My friends have called me many times that they saw my husband. He is not even ashamed anymore so he doesn’t care if anyone sees him.

My kids were sents home from school because I couldn’t pay their school fees. I have begged this man to give me money for them for he turned a deaf ear. I can’t explain why he is acting this way. After much begging and crying, he managed to pay for three of the kids while I completed the rest. I am trying my best but it is not enough to handle all the things needed in this family. My salary is not enough. I started a business to see foodstuff but because I don’t have good capital, I couldn’t sustain the business. i am at loss for what to do. My children are starving. They look hungry and lean because they don’t eat good food.

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I need help. Some people think I should leave him but where will I go with five children? Who will even look at me with five children? I am suffering. I don’t know what to do. I can’t leave my children with him. They will die of hunger because he doesn’t care. I don’t know if anyone used juju on him because I don’t believe anyone can be this mean, wicked, heartless and ruthless. Nothing touches him. Not even the cries of his children. I want to believe that he is under the influence of something because no sane person will act the way he is acting. Our rent us due in three weeks time and I can’t pay because I have used all I have for food. If he doesn’t pay, we will be out on the streets. What do I do?

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