My husband is a deadbeat father.

My husband is your follower and I know he is going to see this but I honestly don’t care because I am tired of his rubbish. I am a 27 year old mother of two but I look like I have six children and over 40 because stress is killing me. My husband contributes almost nothing to the home. We have been married for five years now and he keeps making me feel like I made a mistake in my choice of marriage. He has a job but he acts like he doesn’t have a job because he is always claiming to be broke even at the beginning of the month. I don’t know what I did to him and why he doesn’t provide for his family.

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He keeps claiming to be the man of the house but he does not provide for me and the kids. struggle to do almost everything. I struggle to feed the family, pay school fees and even pay electricity bills. I have sat him down several times to ask him if I did anything wrong but he claims nothing is wrong. I have lost count of how many times I weep in this house because I am overwhelmed and stressed by all the responsibilities that lie on my shoulder. I have apologized to him so many times even without a reason just so he could change and be a better husband.

Even if I did something bad to him, what of his kids? Will he also punish them? He doesn’t even ask how we eat or survive in this house. Sometimes he travels without informing me and comes back acting like nothing happened. I am the one taking care of the kids’ school fees. I work two jobs just so that I can make enough money to train my kids. I cook, clean and do every house chore alone. I can’t even afford a nanny yet because I have many bills to pay yet he comfortably eats the food I made. Sometimes I go for night jobs at a mall and leave my kids for my friend that lives close to me.

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With all these, he still comes home and tries to have sex with me. It’s as if that’s the only thing he can give. I have refused to have sex with him so many times even before March because I hate to see him. How can I comfortably be intimate with him when he brings me nothing but pain. I am not happy. I am not a happy mother and it breaks my heart. I want to know what I can do? I have tried everything I can possibly think of but none is working. I have even spoken to his siblings about this situation and nothing has changed. I am tired of suffering. I am tired of pretending like I’m fine when I’m not. I need to know what to do to salvage this situation.

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