My husband is a lazy man.

When I finished school, I was at home doing some jobs to earn money. I was working as a sales girl at a relative’s shop and I had savings from my NYSC. I later decided to open a clothing business with the little money I had but it wasn’t enough, I borrowed from my mother and siblings and started the shop. I had a customer, an aged woman but she always came to but clothes from me. She later linked me with her son whom I fell in love with. The guy was staying in Cameroon then where he was doing business. I didn’t go to see him before marriage. After our trad, I joined him in Cameroon but I found out he was struggling with his business.

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Sometimes, his mom had to send us money for feeding. It got so bad that I could not endure it anymore. I told him that we should pack up and leave for Nigeria. He wasn’t supportive because of what people would say but I insisted. We informed our parents and sold out the remaining items in my husband’s store and rented out the space. We got back to Nigeria and moved to his mom’s house. I was having a very difficult time there and the mother wasn’t treating me so well. I spoke to my family and friends and they helped me raise money to start my clothing business again. It has been going well and we have gotten a different house .

However, my husband has been staying at home for almost two years now. I have been the one handling the family but he has done nothing. He just sleeps, visits his mom and gloat over his predicament. I have asked him to start a business but he says he’s not ready. I am currently pregnant and I will be due for delivery in two months. My husband has no money for baby things. I am the one paying for everything. Even hospital bills, I am sure that when the time comes, I’ll still pay for hospital bill. I am tired of always doing this. When  is it going to be better? I am honestly tired of this marriage. I don’t know what I got myself into.

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I see other women and their husbands accomplish great things. Men support their wife’s and even give them money to start a business but my husband doesn’t even understand making money. This is only about 3years and things are this way already. I am even pregnant with his child. I don’t know what I can do. I don’t want this kind of father for my children. We quarrel a lot because he doesn’t want to get something doing and his mother indulges him. I am gradually turning into a nagging woman because whenever I come home after the long day, I meet one or two things in bad shape and it freaks me out. I don’t know if it’s my pregnancy acting up. I am really tired. 

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