My husband is a serial liar and I can’t condone this.

Please keep me anonymous. I am in dire need of your opinion. as I write to you, I feel stupid,cheated and used. I am a 24 year old girl and I don’t even know how to explain this mess I just got myself into. I just graduated from school last year. I schooled at the University of Abuja where I met this man that pretended to be a good man. All the while I knew him, he pretended to have good intentions for me but with the current situation of things, it is very obvious that this man never cared about me and my happiness. When we met,he claimed to have come to complete his master’s clearance and asked for directions to one location where he needed to submit his files.

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I directed him to the place and two days later, we bumped into each other and that was when we exchanged contacts. He has been calling me since then. Initially, I was not giving him attention at all because I had a boyfriend who was good to me. I don’t know what happened and I started giving him attention again. We spoke for two months before he started asking me out. He was a good person and was comfortable. He used to help me out with my assignments and financially as well, unlike my boyfriend who was a student and was always complaining that he didn’t have money. I loved my boyfriend so much but I ended up leaving him for this other man. He started talking about marriage and eleven months after we met, he engaged me.

We got married officially last year and in the space of how many months,I have found out so many things that this man lied to me about. He lied to me about his job, he said he was working as a federal government worker but it’s all lies. I found out that he works with a small company as a marketer. No wonder he had sweet tongue and always found his way out of situations. As if that was not enough blow to me already, I also found out that he doesn’t own where he lives. The landlord came here two weeks ago when he was at work and threatened to throw us out if he doesn’t pay his bills by month end. Apparently, he lied to me. The house is just a duplex. He lives above and has another bachelor who lives below and is rarely ever seen.

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The worst of them all is that he is bothered about everything and acts like it is no big deal. When I confronted him about these things, apologized in a very reluctant manner as if he was doing me a favor. I asked how he intended to pay the house rent and he said I shouldn’t bother. I don’t have a job yet because I just graduated and I don’t know how to help. I am also saddened by the fact that he lies to me Everytime. How am I going to live with such a serial liar? We just got married and look at all the things I have discovered. What will I still discover? I cannot live with such a person. It disgusts me that someone could lie to his wife about things as important as this. What should I do?

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