My husband is a sex freak

I have tried to handle this by myself but it has been difficult for me hence, my reason for bringing it to this platform. I have been married to my husband for two years but we have known ourselves for four years. We dated for two years before getting married and out relationship phase in solved no sex at I believed in sex after marriage but he was honest with me that he has had sex a couple of times but was willing to stock to my rules because he loved me. I felt it would be challenging for him to handle but he was willing to make it work. We only kissed and cuddled but we never has sex all through our relationship phase.

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After marriage we, had sex often. I wasn’t seeing it as a problem that time because I believed we were married and were free to have sex as much as we wanted. Well, it continued for almost six months after our wedding and I began to get uncomfortable with the whole thing. Yes, we were married but I found out that my husband had a crazy sex drive. He loves sex so much and wasn’t even interested in whether or not I was okay with it. He just wants to have sex and it didn’t matter how I felt. He would want sex when I’m cooking, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, just everywhere he feels like. At first, I thought it was romantic because I watched it in movies.

However, this is the second year of our marriage and this has not stopped. I had a child recently and he didn’t even allow me to rest before disturbing me for sex again. I have been telling him to give me some time but he doesn’t listen. I no longer enjoy having sex with him because I don’t feel satisfied anymore. I have begun to feel like sex is a duty instead of an act of pleasure and an opportunity to bond because I only engage in it because my husband wants to. Another thing is that he is not even romantic about it, no foreplay, no cuddling, no kissing, absolutely nothing, he just wants to go straight to the point and sometimes it hurts me.

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I have complained many times but nothing works. My baby is only two months old and I want to take good care of my child but my husband doesn’t care for the baby as much as I do. He just wants sex. I don’t know why he is this way. He cannot even control himself anymore. I am wondering how he controlled himself while we were dating. I am beginning to feel like he was cheating on me when we were dating because with the character he is exhibiting now, I don’t think it was possible for him to stay for two years without sex. I am beginning to resent him. I notice that my love for him has reduced a lot and that worries me. I want to stay married to him but I need him to stop this madness, it’s no longer fun.

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