My husband is cheating on me with another lady

Please keep me anonymous. I am very sad as I write to you. I am a young mother of two lovely children and everyone who has ever come in close contact with me will bear me witness about how much I love and respect my husband. I always talk about how good he is to me and how much I love him. I also contribute my quota as a good and loyal wife towards a better family. However, my husband has changed lately and has begun to cheat on me with someone else.

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I found out last year’s November that he was cheating on me. I noticed that he changed his phone password frequently and he started taking shady calls and even stayed up late chatting with someone on Whatsapp. Initially, he used to do it secretly but after I confronted him, he denied it. He stopped for a while but started again. I tried to find out what I was doing wrong but he wasn’t saying anything, he claimed everything was okay and that I hadn’t changed.

Last month, he delayed sending the monthly upkeep money which he has never done. When I asked him to send the money so that I can buy foodstuff in bulk like I always do, he flared up and said I shouldn’t disturb him. He never sent the money and he wasn’t dropping money for food again. My husband has changed so much. I have been the person footing bills for food since last month and my salary can’t help me a lot.

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I earn quite small and my husband doesn’t seem to care. He has changed so much. I have tried to have conversations with him but he doesn’t even want to hear me talk. The funny thing is that he acts like everything is okay. He still comes Home and acts like a good husband, meanwhile I am hurting. He still tries to kiss and have sex with me but when I talk about money, he said he doesn’t have money and leaves the room. I know how much he earns. He earns more than 200k so why is he doing this to me?

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