My husband is cheating on me with his colleague.

Please post this and inform me as soon as you do. I am very worried and I have a feeling that my husband is cheating on me with one of his colleagues from work. People may think that I am just a paranoid wife but that’s not true, I know what I have seen and why I feel this way. When we first got married, my husband was very nice to me. She spent a great deal of time trying to show me that he loved me and would do anything to make me happy. He would get me lots of gifts items. Many of these gifts items involved clothes, sometimes there were shoes, bags and jewelry. I was very convinced that this man loved me until recently. 

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He has changed, he no longer does any of these things for me. I noticed that he is always on the phone with a certain lady. Initially, they would have conversations that are work related and after some time, they begin to giggle and have conversations that are in no way related to work at all. My husband works a lot and I genuinely thought that he had a lot to do at work hence why he would speak to his colleague over the phone for some time. Instead, the calls became more frequent and he was rarely with his laptop while speaking to her so I couldn’t believe that ge was working. If he was, his laptop would have been the very first thing he will be glued to.

This call became very frequent and that was when I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I asked him about it and as expected, he hurriedly said I had nothing to worry about because they are just colleagues and every conversation they have is purely related to work and nothing more. I really wanted to believe him but the signs said otherwise. It was very obvious that there was more to it than just work. After a while, I decided to see things for myself. My husband was asleep one night so I began to check his phone. Because he spoke to her frequently, I already knew her name. I checked their conversation on WhatsApp and my fears where not unfounded.

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They were not just work colleagues, they were more. My husband has done a lot of things for her. He renewed her house rent and has been getting her random gifts just like he used to do for me when we first met. I am sad and deeply hurt. He doesn’t even know that I am aware. They are still speaking everyday especially at night. I need the best clues on how to approach this matter. I do not want things to grow terrible between my husband and I. I want to take things easy and ensure that there is no strong misunderstanding between us. Please help me.

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