My husband is depressed. How can I help him?

I want to talk to you about my husband. He is a good man and has never failed in his duties as a father. He loves our three children so much and provides for us without any form of hesitation. I met him when I was working as a sales girl in one of the fuel stations in Akure. He had come for his friend’s wedding. We later got married two years after we met and he sponsored my education. I studied in the University and got a job afterwards. He worked with a company and they always had a target to meet as a marketing officer.

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We have three kids currently and they attend one of the best schools which pay quite a huge amount of money. Last year, my husband began having issues at his workplace. He came back from work one day, tired and angry. When I asked her explained to me his recent encounter with a colleague of his. According to him, my husband was in a lower level than the man but because my husband constantly met and exceeded the company’s target, they raised his position, higher than the other man.

Since then,my husband has been having several issues and back and forth with this man. Even while my husband avoids him, he still finds a way to get involved with my husband. This continued and my husband was framed up for something he didn’t do. It was related to embezzlement of the company’s fund and the issue escalated. It has been ongoing since last year and my husband has been spending money, hiring lawyers and trying to prove honest. This process has cost us so much and in February, my husband was sacked.

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He has been feeling devastated because he was wrongly accused and fired. All my efforts to make him recover are futile. I tried to get a job for him but he is so distraught. He is depressed and has sleepless nights and worrisome look. I don’t know what to do and that is why I am writing to you. His mood is very poor and there is no sign of improvement.

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