My husband is having a child with another woman.

I know marriages come with a lot of challenges and uncertainties but what I am going through is breaking me. How is it that someone whom you have devoted almost your entire life to and everything you have to wakes up one day and chooses to turn a completely different leaf, not in the positive but in a way that breaks you and leaves you dumbfounded. I am terribly hurt because the man whom I taught to make my life better has broken our marital vows and gone ahead to get another woman pregnant.

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To say I am broken is to say it lightly. I have four lovely kids for this man. Two boys and two girls that are all very brilliant, good-looking and very smart. These kids bring me so much joy and happiness and they make their father and I proud. They perform very well in school and are very obedient. I have been a good wife. Why then would this man treat me this way. If I didn’t have kids for him, I would have tried to understand why he went outside to impregnant another woman.

I found out two days ago about this and I haven’t been able to face him or get over it. I saw the message when I was using his tab to watch a movie on Netflix since I exhausted my subscription. I was watching it late into the night and he slept off. Midway into the movie, I got a notification that on his Whatsapp. I ignored it but it kept coming and when it began to interrupt my movie, I slid down and I saw numerous messages from a woman. I tried to open it but his Whatsapp was locked and requested his fingerprint.

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Since he was asleep, it was easy for me to unlock it and I saw all their previous messages and lovey-dovey texts. Apparently the woman is pregnant for him and he asked her to get rid of it but she refused. The messages that came in were messages of the lady threatening to tell me about the pregnancy because my husband has been ignoring her messages and calls. I am very sad. I took the woman’s phone number and screenshot of their message and sent it to my phone as evidence but I don’t even know what to do. I have been so cold since I found out but I haven’t said a word to him about it.

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