My husband is impotent.

Please keep me anonymous. I need your advice because I don’t know what to do in this situation. I got married three years ago and we have been trying for a child, we have been to different laboratories and hospitals, we have booked appointments with different specialists, gynecologists and fertility experts yet no positive result. We have been hopeful and praying for things to work in our favor. My mother-in-law insisted on taking me to a herbalist. I initially refused but it was as if we were having problems because of it so I had to go. I got some herbal mixtures which I took for some time but no positive result so I had to stop taking it.

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I spoke to my friend about it and she said there was a doctor she knew. She referred me to the doctor and after I went to see him, he ran some tests and asked me to come with my husband. I spoke to my husband about it and he agreed to go. I am a bit lucky because I have one of the most supportive husband. He has always been good and supportive. When we met the doctor, he referred us to some tests and we went back two days later to get the result which we presented to the doctor. It was there that we were told that my husband has fertility problems. We doubted it at first but we repeated the tests and the result was the same.

Seeing the results, my husband has been on drugs. The doctor tried to reassure us that with compliance to the medications, that my husband will be able to father a child. I have been optimistic but it is over a year now and nothing has happened. I recently asked him to consider adoption. It doesn’t mean that we won’t keep trying to have our own children but at least, we can begin to raise a child while hoping for the best. He hates the idea of adoption so much but I have tried to explain to him the real intentions behind the decision. He has, however, refused to hear of it at all. It is tiring and boring to stay in a large house like this without a child. 

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I need suggestions on how to convince my husband or even to make him understand why adoption is a good option for us. People have been talking about us and our situation but I still chose to ignore them. However, ignoring them is quite a difficult thing to do. I don’t know what to do or who to talk to about this. Please if you have been in this situation or know anyone that passed through this, kindly share the course of action they took. This is very very important for me and my husband and we would appreciate your ideas and concerns.

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