My husband is into illegal business

Please keep me anonymous. I have something strong that is really bothering me. I am a 24 year old lady and I recently got married to my husband. We have only been married for two months and I am beginning to observe some certain things that are not good about him. First off, before we got married, my husband said that he was into cryptocurrency and that he had other businesses that fetch him money. He said that he had a unisex salon but he wasn’t managing it directly. According to him, he set up the salon from the profits he made from his crypto trading and since he is quite a busy person, he just assigned someone with the duty to manage the salon for him. When I met him, he was very polite and had this calm outlook. He was a very soft spoken person and this also made it easy for me to believe many of the things he told him then. When I met him, I was in third year. As at then, I didn’t really give him much attention because he had this group of friends that were loud and all over the place. He was a recent graduate then so we didn’t get to see each other often since he left school early. We met as a club. I am not really a club person and it was my friend who convinced me to go to the club with her and her other friends. 

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We just finished a hectic quiz in school and I kept saying that I wanted to cool my head. That was when she told me that she was planning to go to the club with her friends and that I could tag along with them. I was very hesitant initially but they were able to convince me to go. I was concerned about my safety but she said that they already book a room and I could go into the room and sleep whenever I got tired of the party. I finally went with them and since it was my first time at a club, I was quiet and mostly sitting down. That was when this guy met me, we spoke for a while and exchanged contacts.  Even though he kept calling me that period, I wasn’t interested so I kept snubbing his calls. When I got to final year, I bumped into him at another party and after that we started talking again. To cut the story short, we dated shortly and he asked me to marry him and here we are. The thing is, everyday my husband is so relaxed. He does not go to work or do anything serious. Every morning he wakes up very late but he stays up all night using his laptop and making calls.  

I have asked him several times what he does and he keeps saying that he trades cryptocurrency. I don’t know much about crypto so I can’t verify his claims. He claims that his unisex salon is moving well and that his crypto thing is working too. He spends money recklessly and it worries me. He is just 29 and I honestly don’t want to believe that he is into something fishy. He stays at home all day and in the evening, he hangs out with his friends for drinks and games. He still clubs but not frequently. Our wedding was very huge. He spent a lot of money and everything was exquisite and in excess. His group of friends came and they sprayed so much money. My husband spends on me so well, he sends me money like its nothing and after our wedding, he bought me a Lexus 320 as a wedding gift. I use the latest gadgets and life is quite cool for me but I am worried that he may be into something illegal. 

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My friend said that he may be into drugs but I can’t even find out if it is true. I don’t know how to do that. I have asked him so many times what he does and why he is always at home but his reply is always the same thing. I am sure that he is lying because there is no way unisex salon will give him that kind of money that he is spending without batting an eye. Is it now cryptocurrency? Is he the only one that trades cryptocurrency? I know many people that do that and they are not that rich. I know that they have money but not as much as my husband does. Besides I heard that the crypto market isn’t good now. I am very worried. I don’t want to find out that my husband is into something illegal. I don’t want to believe that he is conning or duping people of their hard earned money. I hate it and I don’t know what to do about it. I need your input please.  

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