My husband is jobless. I’m tired of the spoon-feeding him, I want to quit the marriage.

I have a two months old daughter and a jobless husband. We got married two years ago and things were perfectly fine until last year. My husband lost his job and securing a new one has been a very big problem for him. Any company he sends his application letter to, they call him for an interview but he does not go beyond that stage he had been moving from one office to another trying to secure a job but none is coming forth. 

What strikes me the most is that he has a very good certificate. He graduated with a second class upper in his first degree. He did a second degree in Economics and graduated with a first class and distinctions in his Masters studies. His result is good and he has good years of experience with various notable companies. So it amazes me that getting a job has been difficult for him. 

We have been living from hand to mouth since over a year now. He has been very dependent on me and it is not going well with me. I earn very low. My salary is just forty thousand Naira and we still have to pay a lot of things from it. I Fred him, my baby and his young niece living with us. Most times getting food for the family is tug of war. My baby runs out of milk sometimes and it breaks me. 

The worst is that he goes around incurring debts even when he knows he can’t pay back. His debtors always come for him and so I have to find money from anywhere and pay them back. Most times I have to borrow from people to offset his debts. Sometimes I even finish the little salary I earn even before it’s been paid. Taking care of the family expenses is really taking a huge toll on me. It’s weighing me down and my so-called husband is not helping me out. 

Honestly, I have been contemplating leaving this marriage. The marriage is barely two years and I already have a lot of problems I am dealing with. How long am I going to keep offsetting the debts of a full grown man. He has become very relaxed and it complicates things for me the more. I don’t know what to do. I have tried to help him get a job but nothing is working. I have complained and he now sees me as a nagging wife. Lately I just decided to overlook it but I cannot. 

He just stays in the house and goes out when he wants. He still comes back with nothing. Not even money for food or baby milk. I am honestly tired and I don’t think I can manage any more. I want to leave but I don’t know if it’s a good idea. I need people’s advice. 

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