My husband is openly cheating on me.

Please hide my identity. My heart is in pain as I write to you. So much pain I say. I do not know how to begin explaining to you all that I am going through but I need every word of encouragement and advice that I can get from you and your readers. I am a married woman. A good wife and a great mother of two lovely kids. My marriage is just 6 years old and the things I see presently make my heart bleed. I have been a great wife and mom. I have been very supportive and I do everything within my powers to see that my family is thriving. I try everything possible to help my husband and make him live a better life but all I get in return is nothing but a cheating husband who is shameless about this kind of nasty behavior. 

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Throughout the six years that we have been married, my husband has been a good man until recently. I can’t explain what happened but he changed overnight. My husband used to be very lovely, cheerful, caring and fun to be with. I remember the first few years of our marriage, he was very romantic. He would always but me beautiful dresses and everything Friday night, we would go out on a date at any venue I picked. Sometimes I would insist we stay indoors and have a great time so I could cook and do something extra to spice things up but he would refuse. He would say he doesn’t want me to stress myself and all. My husband was a great man, I just don’t know what happened to him all of a sudden  

He just started coming home late and initially when I asked him, he would say that he got so busy at work and because he was trying to finish up something so he doesn’t have his work piled up. I was still trying to be a good and understanding wife. I would encourage him to come home anytime it’s late and continue from wherever he stopped the next day. I found out he was cheating on me two months ago and I was really broken. My husband is like the ideal or the perfect man. He loved me genuinely, he cared about me and my family, he loved our kids, earns well and treats me with so much love and respect so what else is there to ask for in a man. When I found out the first time, he apologized bitterly and promised never to repeat it. It took me time to forgive him but I finally did. I accepted him with open arms and I never ceased loving him even when I had doubts. 

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He was steady and trustworthy until this month. He started going out and coming back late. Sometimes he would come back around  11pm in the night all drunk and smelling. Sometimes I would see a woman’s lipstick on his shirts. Honestly, it was difficult for me. I started monitoring his movements, especially his messages and that was when I found that he was cheating on me again. I found two other women he was talking to. I contemplated calling them but I figured out that it was dumb and I didn’t do it. Instead, I confronted my husband again. And this time, contrary to what I was expecting, he was not even bothered. He simply brushed it off and asked me not to disturb his night. I am in pain. I do not know how I got to this stage. My marriage is still young. How do I begin to live in a loveless marriage with a man that no longer respects me. What am I going to do? I am in tears. 

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