My husband is rarely home. I’m fed up.

I got married in December. My husband and I are both working and we dated for eight months before we got married. We don’t stay in the same state but while we were dating, we frequently travel to see each other. What strikes me the most was the fact that every month, we see each other no matter how short it seems. It’s either he comes to see me or I go to see him. In addition to that, our communication was superb, I mean very very good. We talk on the phone regularly and we also chat on Whatsapp. We spoke about everything.

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Irrespective of how demanding my job was, when it comes to him, I always has time. I made out so much time for him. I prioritized him a lot and in return he did same. He struck me like an honest person, he was genuinely kind to me and always listened to me when I needed to talk. He was a very kind person and took me along with him when he wanted to go on any vacation. Even though we were in different states, I never worried about him cheating on me because he seemed so honest and we spoke frequently.

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Now we are married. I wrote for a transfer to his state which was granted so I moved in with him after our wedding. We went for honeymoon which lasted for two weeks, after that two weeks, we spent one more week at home before we resumed work. Since then, I haven’t spent quality time with my husband. He is always busy with work. He comes home very late in the night and when I complain, he says he needs to make money. I have been enduring but this is getting out of hand. We spent more time together when we were dating than now which is very wrong. I feel helpless and very very bored.

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