My husband is very abusive and violent

Please hide my identity. I am tired of this marriage. Everyday it gets worse. Everyday I am constantly being abused and talked down on by the one who was supposed to be a supportive husband and friend. He does not even care if my children are present, he humiliates me in front of anyone without any form of love or respect for me. He even abuses me in front of our neighbors. I am a good wife and I am not even exaggerating, I am being very honest. I am a good mom to our three children.

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I support my husband in different ways in which a good wife should support her husband and family. We got married seven years ago, even though we have misunderstanding, it never got to the point of physically assaulting me. It all started last year, he suddenly changed. He came home very late one night and was smelling of alcohol and cigarette. I assumed he has been out drinking and smoking, something he has never done. He has never gotten home drunk. I opened the door for him and asked him where he was coming from reeking of alcohol.

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He got angry and asked who I was to query his whereabouts. He began to hit me and kick me with his boots. I cried for help but none came. That was when the physical assault started and it is has continued. I am tired of all these. I have been in and out of the hospital so many times because of several beatings which I got from him. I don’t know what to do. Two days ago, he beat me mercilessly because I told him I wasn’t going to use my money to buy food for the house again. I have been feeding the family for over two months with no dime from him. After the beating, I knew it was the last straw because I may not survive the next beating. Please advise me. What should I do?

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