My husband is very bad in bed and it annoys me. What do I do?

Please hide my identity before posting this. I am a mother of two. My husband and I have been married for four years. I love sex and my husband knows. In fact, you can call me a sex addict. My husband has been able to meet my needs since we got married but recently, things changed. He is no longer as active as before and it is not going well with me. His performance has gone so low and he no longer satisfies my cravings. When I complain, he says I am nagging. 

It is as if he is having erectile dysfunction. I have pleaded with him so many times to go to the hospital for checkup so he can at least know what is wrong but he would not listen to me. I am a very health conscious person so I usually go with my kids to the hospital for an assessment. Whenever we want to go, I always inform him and also ask him to join us but he is not always interested. He will always come up with excuses about things he wants to do. 

I think it is because of his stubbornness that he is having problems with his performance. And the most annoying thing is that he seems not to be bothered about it. I still ask him to go to the hospital now and he is still reluctant. He is always claiming to be busy but what is life without good health. Apart from the fact that I am very active sexually, we still need to have an active sex life because we are not done having kids. We have just two children and we don’t plan to stop.

I don’t know what else to do about this. This is becoming a big problem. This is a relatively new marriage and I don’t know how long I can cope with this problem. It is beginning to annoy me. I don’t like our sex life and I don’t know what to do about it. I don’t want to cheat on my husband but he is pushing me to the wall. I don’t know how else to convince him. Please, are there any suggestions? What do I have to do to convince my husband to go to the hospital and treat himself? I need help please. 

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