My husband is very irresponsible.

Please hide my identity. I am getting tired of this marriage. All my efforts to remain a helpful wife who does nothing but support her husband is almost fruitless. My husband is a reckless and irresponsible husband. He is not even concerned about his kids and the fact that he needs to provide for his family as the head of the house. I am always stressing myself and working tirelessly to make money in order to sustain our family while my husband does nothing. He doesn’t spend a dime on us not to talk of footing the house bills.

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I have two jobs all because of how useless my husband is. My normal job closes by 4 then I resume at this other place. I work as a salesperson by 6pm and close by 10pm although the second job is just 4 times a week. It is really very stressful for me because I don’t get enough rest and my kids are still small so I have to do certain things by myself. My husband has a job that does not pay much but that’s not even the problem. The problem is that he doesn’t care about us, not even his children. He doesn’t care about their school fees nor how the food we eat comes by.

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He is a man of few words which makes it worse. You rarely know what he has in mind. When I am fed up with the whole situation and I get so angry, I rant so much, I scream a lot and sometimes push him but he never does anything. He doesn’t respond, he doesn’t even lift a finger on me, not even mere pushing. Most times he walks out on me which makes it more terrible for me. I feel really frustrated. The burden of running the family all by myself is too much. My shoulders are too weak for the burden they carry. I need help. I need a solution before I die. I can’t continue to work two jobs while my husband comes home daily and eats like a glutton.

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