My husband makes twice the salary he claimed to earn – Woman laments

A woman is seeking advise after finding out that her husband earns twice as much as the salary he told her.

She wrote;

“I just found out my hubby has been lying about his finances and also he receives double the amount he told me he earns. Honestly I’m not a wasteful person and I manage resources quite well but I don’t just understand why he will tell me such lies. I have denied myself things I need lot of times just because of his constant complaints about money.

He has made us live with half of his salary all this while, I honestly don’t know where the other half of his salary goes to because I already asked him if he is working on anything project and he said no, I don’t know whether to confront him about it or not. I just feel betrayed and I think he is hiding other things from me too I need advice, I’m I overreacting or is this normal

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