My husband never seeks my opinion before doing things.

I would like to complain about something that has been eating me up since I got married. Every woman or better put, everyone in a relationship be you husband or wife, desires to be heard and also consulted by their partner before taking important decisions especially those that will affect the family generally. My case is not different. I am a wife and mother of one. My son is three years old and we are currently trying for another child. I have a job just like my husband. My husband, however, is into business while I work with a corporate company. My husband is the type that believes a man is in charge.

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I am not doubting that. I believe my husband is above me and as such, I am a very submissive wife. The thing that worries me is the fact that my husband doesn’t even involve me in the decision making process yet he claims that I am his wife and we are partners. How does this work? I thought they said two shall become one? Everything I do, I always involve my husband, I share my plans with him and not only do I share my plans with him, I give him details, time, place, and duration. I always involve him when I want to do things but when it gets to his turn, he leaves me in the dark.

Do you know my husband was opening a new branch for his business in another state but he did not even tell me about it? He never mentioned it. Not even for once. I always hear about things like this from people. This particular one I heard from his brother. The guy called me and was congratulating me. I was so lost, I asked him what he was talking about and he told me not to feign ignorance. It was when I continued to ask him what his was talking about that he told me he was speaking of my husband’s business expansion to Delta State. I was shocked and angry. It is not even a new thing anymore and it is beginning to worry me so much.

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Why does my husband keep doing this yet he claims to love me? If you love someone, won’t you tell the person about your plans? This is not the first time he is doing it and I have been complaining to him about it. He apologizes but nothing changes. The other time, he bought land and didn’t even tell me. It was when I overheard his conversation over the phone with our lawyer that I knew he bought a land. He bought a shop at one new plaza in the market and he didn’t tell me. I only saw the documents when I was looking for something on his shelf. He does this so much and I am tired of complaining. I am not a bad wife so why does he keep doing this to me? It makes me feel like he doesn’t love me enough.

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