My husband no longer touches me or looks at me. I don’t know what to do.

I am 34 and got married to my husband last February. We used to be very good together and we did all the beautiful things couples did. We were the envy of many people as he got me things regurlary. On my special days, he got me designers perfume and bags. He always posted my picture on Instagram and twitter with long epistles on how I made his life beautiful. He adored me and cared less about what people said. Even when people murmured or said terrible things about how I was controlling him.

On the day I put to bed, he gifted me a car and had people change our room decor before I came back from the hospital. He threw a party and invited our friends and family. I gave birth to a baby girl and he was so in love with her. I loved how he treated my baby and showered us with so much love. He didn’t want me to work for some time so he employed some people to do the cleaning and cooking. He earned enough and there was absolutely no need for me to work. Paying the workers was not a problem either. 

In less than six months, my husband changed. He started withdrawing from me and suddenly became cold. Initially he would just greet me and drop money for food so I could give the chef. When it continued for some days, I started asking him but he said he was fine and there was nothing to worry about. From being cold to me he started keeping late nights. When I confront him, he gets angry and warns me to let him be. 

Even when he comes home and I try to touch him, he avoids me. We no longer have sex as couples and he is not even bothered about it. There was a day I tried to force myself on him because I was tired of constantly begging him to have sex with me or talk to me. He slapped me and left the room. I was so surprised. I mean since we got married he has never shouted at me not to talk of laying his hands on me. I cried that night and slept alone with my baby. 

The next morning he left before I woke up and didn’t even even return, I called him many times and he didn’t take my calls. I sent him series of messages asking where he was and why he wasn’t home yet he didn’t any of them. After so many calls and text messages, he turned off his two phones. I called his friends to know if they were hanging out together but none of them agreed to have seen him. 

He later got home and didn’t say a word to me. This has continued since then and it keeps getting worse. I don’t know what else to do. I need your community’s suggestions. It will really go a long way to help me. I love my husband and I don’t want to start cheating on him. He is denying me sex and I don’t know if I can continue this way. Please help me. I am becoming frustrated. 

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