My husband refused to help my business grow

Please hide my identity before you post this. I am a young mother for three. My eldest daughter is 9 and I am in my mid thirties. I got married to my husband 10 years ago and before I met him, I had a private business which was thriving so much. I was so blessed that the kind of sales I was making at that time was so much that I was able to lift my family from poverty. I am the first child and my parents were struggling traders. I couldn’t go to school because there was okay money to sponsor me sonic went to learn tailoring. I was lucky because from tailoring, I was able to raise money and change my business. 

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I went into selling of fabrics. I did it in a large scale, more like whole sale. I had a lot of customers even those I used to sew for. My fabrics are usually of high quality and had very beautiful designs so my customers kept coming back and luckily got me, they were also referring other people. Through my business, I raised money for my parents to expand my business, I also built a bungalow since our previous house was so old and people were beginning to mock us. Things were going so well for me. I had many sales girls and I was even selling in bulk to people that resold in smaller quantity. 

I finally met my husband and things went smoothly between us. He was a good man, cared about me and also had a good job. We were taking things slowly and we spoke about our future and made plans. We finally got married about a year later. After marriage, I spoke with my husband about my business. Luckily for me, he understood me and even though we were living far from my shop, he was very supportive. I started having kids and that was when I began to have issues with my business. That was because I couldn’t give in my all in my business.

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Now my business is dwindling. My salesgirls are leaving because I couldn’t even pay them well, only one girl is left. My shop has gone down. I am even loosing my customers because I am no longer able to meet their order. My husband is doing well on his own. I have been telling him about my business that is going down but he has not done anything about it. Last week, I had a long conversation with him and begged him to support me with some money but he said he didn’t have. The one that broke me is that he just bought a car for his younger brother two days ago. I was so angry. My business has been suffering for a long time now and he didn’t even do anything about it yet he had money to buy a car for his brother.  What do I do? 

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