My husband restricts me from sending money to my family.

Please help me post this. I am the third child of my parents. The first child is a boy and he is not yet married while the second child is a girl and already married but her husband is not that well to do. They are okay but it is as if they are struggling. On the other hand, my husband is very rich. He is a business man and deals in tiles. He sells different kinds of tiles and is well known in this state. He makes a lot of money and when he asked for my hand in marriage, I was a bit young and I agreed to marry him not because I loved him or anything but because I felt my future will be secured and it will be an opportunity to help my family.

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It is not as if I hated him then, I was just a young girl who didn’t know the difference between love or what love involved. All I know is that he was a nice person and people that knew him said he will treat me well. I was in my three hundred level then and now, I have graduated with two kids. After he married me, he was very nice to my family. He sent them money frequently and even sent them bags of rice, beans and other foodstuff. However, as time went on, he began to change. He stopped sending my parents money as he used to. From gradual reduction, he stopped sending money entirely and when I tell him about it, he says he doesn’t have money.

When I am with him, I see how he spends money. I am very comfortable in his house but I don’t like that my parents and struggling to feed when I am sitting on wealth. I drive the best car and wear the best clothes but my parents are suffering. When he stopped giviing them money, I began to send them money. My husband started saying that I send huge sums of money to them when we have projects to carry out as couple. What I send them is not even much, just 50k which is mostly once a month. I know how much my husband sends to his family. He helped his brother start a business recently and spent almost 2million naira for it. 

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Meanwhile, sending my parents 50k every month is a problem for him. We have had problems many times because of it. He says I will run down his business for him because he believes it is his business money that I send to my family. I don’t have a personal business. I manage one of his shops and the sales we make is not as much as what he makes in his other shops. He believes it is because I send money to my family and that is why the money I remit from the business is Lower than that in other shops. It is not true. We make less because the shop is not in a popular area. My interest is how do I help my family? I can’t be driving and expensive car and living a flashy lifestyle when my parents can barely feed. What can I do?

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