My husband secretly married another woman

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I’m married and I love my husband. We have two children together and have been married for nine years. I live with the kids while he works in another country. This arrangement has worked for us, or at least I thought so, until recently.

A few months ago I had this odd dream about my husband. It left me rather unsettled because it didn’t make sense and I started feeling like he was hiding something from me. When he came back I felt the nudge to check his phone and I did, secretly of course. I saw photos of him having a traditional wedding with another woman. This wedding happened only two months ago and what’s worse is that my in-laws were present. His relatives that are constantly calling to check on me and their children were happily present for the function.

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I fainted when I saw those images and I came to three days later, in hospital. My husband and mother-in-law were in the hospital room with me when I woke up and I couldn’t speak. We eventually left the hospital but I feel so numb I can’t even cry.

Everyone is here worried about my health because the doctor didn’t find anything wrong with me but I haven’t told them what triggered the incident. I don’t know where to begin. My heart feels so heavy, so sad, disappointed, and broken all rolled into one.

My husband has a plum job now but he got it because of my brother’s connections. We started life using my money and what I was making because he was jobless at the time and now this. I’m so confused as to what to do. How do I handle this?

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