My husband wants it daughter to get married at 21

Please hide my identity. I am a mother of three children, two girls and a boy. My first child is 21 while the youngest child, the boy is 12. I have challenges with childbirth so I treat these three children like my life depends on them. My first daughter is 21 years old and started school quite early. She is currently in third year and her school is part of the ongoing ASUU strike. When school was on, she used to tell me about the people that always seek her hand in marriage because we are quite close. I have always advised her to turn them down politely considering her age and also because she was not done with school. I wanted her to focus on her studies and graduate with good grades.

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Since the strike started, she has been at home which makes our neighbors see her more often. Sometimes she also follows my husband to his shop to help him out with his business. My husband sells unisex wears and has a lot of customers so she helps him out with that. She used to complain that men used to disturb her for her contact and my husband used to interfere most times. She later told me she wanted to stop going there because she was becoming uncomfortable with the advances. I spoke with my husband and we allowed her to stop. Now, she stays at home when every other person leaves the house. I am a corporate worker and her other siblings are in school.

Over six men have come since this strike to make it known that they would like to marry her. We have been turning them down politely as I keep telling them that I want my daughter to finish up with her education and also to be more mature. A few times, my husband has disagreed with me. We have had closed conversations sometimes and he is against my opinion to allow her to finish school. My daughter is too young but my husband doesn’t agree. He said that she can finish school in her husband’s house and that marriage will not stop her from achieving her dreams. I never said marriage is bad or anything, my major interest is for my daughter to mature. I know how she handles certain problems currently and I know she needs to grow up a bit.

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She is only 21 and too young to go into a man’s house. I have been trying to explain this to my husband but he doesn’t understand. The current problem is that there is this young man that insists he wants to marry her. He is goodlooking and rich too. He is my husband’s good customer and says he likes my daughter. My husband is now insisting that we allow him to marry our child because he is a good man and has money so he can take care of our child. I know it is his money that is moving my husband but there is more to life than Money. We are not hungry so I don’t know why he is acting this way. We have been having problems because of this and I don’t know how to convince him.

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