My husband wants me to remain a housewife

Please I need help. I can no longer continue to keep quiet and act like a submissive wife while my life wastes away. I have been everything a wife should be and even more but it has not gotten me to any positive height. Since I got married I have been a housewife. My husband has refused to allow me to work. Everytime I get a job, he says the job is not worth it. He doesn’t even give me enough money or take care of me. He doesn’t but me clothes as someone that doesn’t want me to work. I have to beg and beg before he can listen to me and buy me a cloth. I don’t even talk about bags because he doesn’t think it’s important.

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Before I get money for my inner wears, I have to give him long notice. I don’t know why he treats me this way. Even runs girls are not treated like this. The other day, I asked him for money to buy sanitary pad because my period was going to start the next week. He just ignored me like he didn’t hear. Two days later, I asked him to help me buy the pad himself when he goes to the market since he doesn’t want to give me the money. He got angry. He asked how I expected him to but sanitary pad for me as if he is my errand boy. What is the big deal in but sanitary pad for me? Is he not my husband? Besides he refused to give me money to buy it by myself.

Do you know this man didn’t give me that money or even buy the pad for me? I had to use tissue for my period. I felt so bad, I didn’t have any money at all. I honestly don’t like the way he treats me and the bad thing is that I can’t challenge him. He looks down on me and that is why he does not consider anything I do or say. He is also way older than me which is one of the reasons why I find it difficult to confront him. The only money I get is from foodstuff. When he gives me money for food, I save some of it but it is not big. It is from it that I buy common things I use like undies and pad since he hardly gives me money for them.

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When he is in a good mood, he gives me money or anything I ask for but this is not always. I want to be productive, I have a degree in accounting and I can’t let it waste like this. I really want to take charge of my life. I know he is going to try and subdue me but I need to know how I can counter him. I have been obidient and submissive since 7 years we got married but I can’t continue. I have even finish childbearing. We have three children and I need to take good care of them. I also need to teach them how to be independent but I don’t have a voice. I need help. I want my freedom and stability.

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