My husband wants to bring his elder sister to live with us.

Please keep me anonymous. I know my husband might see this because he follows you but it wouldn’t stop me anyway. I have tried to break down this things for him as much as possible but he has failed to understand me and my concerns. My husband is the third child of five children and the first son. Two years ago when I got married, I noticed that two of my husband’s sisters didn’t like me. It was not so obvious but I noticed. They acted nice when they were with me but some actions they portrayed the few days I spent a night in their house made it obvious that they were only trying to put up with me. I later found out that they wanted my husband to marry their old friend.

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That aside, the elder sister almost couldn’t hide her hatred for me. She was very mean to me and tried to find fault in everything I did. There was even a day she said without mincing words that I do not belong in their family and she would never accept me. She was already married then but kept trying to come between my husband and I. I have always said I won’t marry a man whose family doesn’t like me but the only reason why I stayed was because Hy husband’s parents are great people and they welcomed me wholeheartedly. It was a genuine welcome and coupled with the fact that my husband is a great guy, I decided not to let his sisters attitude to come between us.

Last year, that my husband’s sister started having issues with her husband. Initially, I thought it was just a minor issue and the usual misunderstanding that couples used to have but it got worse and my husband told me that they were contemplating a divorce. My husband tried to settle the issue between them, they even went to see their pastors and all but nothing significant happened. Two months ago, they finally parted ways and alongside her daughter she spent about a month in her friend’s house then moved to her family house. She is currently staying with her parents and my husband is telling me that she wants to come and live with us in order to look for a job and stay away from people’s eyes.

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My husband knows so well that his sister doesn’t like me so how am I supposed to stay in the same house with this kind of person. She will make my life miserable. It is not as if she is only coming to visit us or something, she is actually coming to live with us. No one knows when she will get a job and I know how these things work, even if she gets a job, she will want to stay here and work for some time before even thinking about getting her own space. We just got married two years ago and I am not ready to have a third-party live with us. Someone I am sure she doesn’t like me. If it was someone that’s nice and young them I can decide to manage. My husband believes she will not stress me but I know it’s false. Please what do I do? My husband may see this and he’ll read the comments as well.

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