My husband wants to gain custody of our kids but he’s irresponsible.

I’m a mother of two children. My husband and I are separated because he would never treat me like a human. He disrespects me, maltreats me and further treats me like I’m some piece of shit or an animal. All my efforts to bring him back to sanity proved futile. My life was in danger as he would never stop hitting me and raining abusive words on me. I was married to him for nine solid years. Nine years of being an obedient, loyal and faithful wife yet nothing to show for it. It can be likened to nine wasted years of life. I look back and I regret settling for him. How could I not have seen this terrible part of him?

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Except for my two children, I have nothing to show for these years. We separated last year. This man was constantly maltreating me. He was beating me frequently and I was scared for my life. He never cared if our kids were watching him. He insulted me in their presence and would also beat me without any form of reservation. I was always subdued. I have to give a detailed account of wherever I was going to and how long I would stay there before I’ll be allowed to go out. This man treated me like I was a child. I had to obey all his rules and if I ever tried to query his instructions, I would probably have to spend some days in the hospital in return.

After I couldn’t take these ill treatment anymore, I summoned courage to leave last year when he went for work. Before that  I had already spoken to my friend in a different state. She was a good woman and lived alone with her kids because her husband was abroad. She was doing great and welcomed me with open arms. I packed in two boxes and left the house with my two children without saying a word to him. I stayed with my friend for a month and got a job. When I was stable enough, I moved out of the house to my own apartment. My family has sent word to his family to come and take the bride price.

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Now he is seeking full custody of the kids in claims that they are his. I do not deny that the kids are his but he is not responsible to take care of those kids. I cannot willingly give up my kids to him. He is a monster and doesn’t deserve to be left with kids at such a vulnerable stage of their life. I am willing to give my kids the best education and care anyone can afford irrespective of whether or not he is willing to contribute a dime, not like I need his money. All I want is to retain my kids and train them like I should. My ex-husband is rich and quite influential. He has connections and I am afraid he would forcefully take my kids away from me. I can go to court but I don’t have enough finds for that.

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