My husband wastes his money on women.

I have written to this page before to complain about the extravagant nature of my husband. I got helpful advice from the people that commented and I appreciate them. However, I am here to seek help and advice again. My husband has gone back to his own ways and this time, it is even worse. He started drinking and I was complaining and trying to get him to change. He comes home late and bangs on the door waking the kids up. We have quarreled many times. There was a day he bashed his car. He hit it on another parked car one night. He was drunk and came home very late that night. Repairing that car cost so much money because he also paid for the other man.

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I thought it was going to serve as a lesson but it didn’t. He kept going out to drink. He started womanizing too. It was the worst part of everything. He didn’t even care if I knew or not, he just did what pleased him. It got so bad that he began to bring in women when I wasn’t home. Our kids are still small, the eldest is 7 so he doesn’t care. My son will always tell me that someone visited his father. I have warned him severally against this act but he never listens. He has refused to understand that kids shouldn’t be raised in such an environment. They pick things easily, especially what they see and I don’t want my children to be exposed to such things at this stage in life.

I threatened to move out of the house but he wasn’t even bothered. He sold his Lexus the other day and bought Benz. He spends recklessly and never bothers to tell me anything. I no longer pressure him to tell me things because it is very obvious that he won’t do that. Someone told me the other day that he saw him at one of our lands with some people and it looked like he was selling it. I just searched for all the documents to our lands and hid them. I later gave them to my friend to keep them for me. He searched for it severally but I denied knowing where they were. He threatened to kill me or send me packing if I didn’t produce them.

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I am tired of everything. This man isn’t bothered about saving for the future. We have a joint account but he hasn’t sent anything to that account since this year. He is a business guy and he makes money but that’s not an excuse. He wasn’t like this when we started. He was very prudent and spent only on important or necessary things. All of a sudden he changed. I don’t know if it’s the kind of friends he keeps or is he under some kind of spell or something? I don’t know what to do. I am exhausted. If anything happens today, ye has nothing to fall back on. I have been singing this into his ears but he is obviously not listening. Nothing I do is working. I want to secure my children’s future.

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