My husband’s business has collapsed, I want to leave this marriage.

I have just been managing with this man and with the current situation of things, I do not think I can continue to stay in this marriage with him. We have been married for five years with absolutely nothing to show for it. My husband and I have just a child, times have been very hard and no matter how much I try to make things better, it almost keeps getting worse. Before he married me, I was doing very well. I had a business of my own with many workers, I was earning well and taking good care of my family.

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My business was centered on baking. I used to bake cakes, meatpie, small chops, sometimes bread and many other things depending on demand. I had not less than fifteen workers and so many customers whom I distribute my products to. I later mer my husband and we began talking about marriage. Things seemed to be working between us and he later came to see my family. Before we finally agreed to marry, I raised concern about my business. I was doing well and my husband was based in another state.

I told him it would be difficult for me to close down my business entirely and become a sit at home wife when I eventually move in with him after marriage. He promised to set up the same business for me and went ahead to pay 500k into my account for the said business. I also asked him to look for a shop for me in an open location so I can start the business there. To cut the story, where he found a shop wasn’t a good position so my business didn’t thrive, I had to close down. We have been managing for five years and his own business has been going down since then.

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We are almost feeding from hand to mouth. I have become very lean. Even our baby looks very malnourished. Everything I saved up when I was single, I have exhausted it on our family. I even gave him some money to support his business when it was shaking. I have been the one handling meals and some other bills. I can’t continue like this. I used to take care of my family before I got married but I have stopped doing that a long time ago. I can’t remember the last time I sent money home. As a married woman, I have nothing to show for five years of marriage except for my hungry looking child. I am tired. I want to leave.

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