My husband’s family is cunningly trying to live with us fully.

Please hide my identity. This marriage is becoming more tiring by the day and I’m beginning to feel tired and overwhelmed. I am a married woman and I have just been married for three years with two kids, one aged three and the infant that I am still breastfeeding now. Just like every other woman out there, I am doing my best to accommodate everyone and have a happy marriage. My husband is a good man and truthfully, he doesn’t stress me but his family does. My husband is the second son but he carries his family burden like he is the first.

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When we got married at first, his mother used to come sometimes to see how we’re doing and also to change her environment. I honestly don’t have a problem with that because I know what it feels like to be a mother and want to be close to your children. Apart from that, changing the environment helps, I love traveling so I perfectly understand. Normally her visit will last one week or at most she’ll stay a few more days because her husband was alone where they lived. Her stay was never up to two weeks but this changed.

Her husband got sick and he needed hospital treatment. He was diabetic and his visit to the hospital increased. My husband sent them money frequently and also went home often to see his parents. This continued till the man got better then mama resumed her visits. The sickness however got worse because the man was stressing too much and his diet was poor plus he was not compliant with his medication so he needed someone by his side always. Mama stayed with him for over 5months and started coming to our house even though she knew the cost to her husband. Now she wants to bring her husband to stay with us. 

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She said it’s temporarily like two months but I know this woman well, once they step foot here, they’re never living and I can’t afford to live with them Permanently. I told my husband but he is playing soft with them. The eldest son and the second girl both live in the city with us but she doesn’t like going to son’s house because his wife is a very firm woman who she calls wicked and arrogant. I respect her and treat her well. I don’t know if that’s why she decided to move in with us because I’m cool. I can’t accept that. I can’t feed all these people, clean alone and take care of a sick person while taking care of my new born and 3yrs child.

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