My husband’s family is frustrating my life.

Greetings. Please help me post this. I have been enduring all the bad things I have been experiencing for a long time now but I feel like my heart is going to burst open because I can’t hold this anymore. I am suffering. Serious suffering and I have been trying to be a better person but it’s not working. I am a married woman. My husband and I are so much in love, amidst everything that is happening I can still beat my chest and say my husband loves me and how I feel about him has not even reduced at all. My story is heartbreaking and I will just summarize. My husband used to be very rich. 

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We were staying in Delta but his shop got burnt and he lost a lot of things. It was very hard for us to bounce back to how we were before. All his goods were burnt to ashes and that was six days after his goods came back so all his money was on goods. Sadly, I didn’t have a huge job since my husband was making good money from his business. We tried to start afresh but it was overwhelming. What my husband has left in his account wasn’t enough to handle the expenses of the house including school fees, rent and feeding. We kept on managing and he kept trying to borrow money but none of them worked.

It got so bad that we had to go home. We moved back to the village to stay with my husband’s family. Thankfully, he built a big house in the village although his parents and unmarried sisters were occupying the ground floor and boys’ quarters. I didn’t have any problem with that. We had a good relationship or so I thought. They were good at first but now, my life is a living hell. They insult me as they wish. They say it’s my carelessness that brought us back to the village that if I had a good job, I could at least support my husband. Any small thing that happens they find a means to humiliate me. Ever since my husband lost his shop, he has been very cold so no matter how they talk to me, he ignores them. 

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He only speaks to me inside and pleads with me to avoid them. They no longer respect us. I feel so terrible. I remember how I used to send money and foodstuffs to these people. I come home at least once every 3months and I buy food in bulk. I also but clothes for them. What have I not done for these people? I treat them like my own family. Even when my husband forgets to send them food or money, I remind him or I do it myself. Now, just because the situation has changed they are treating us this way. I told my husband to find a house somewhere else even if it is one room and a parlour but even if we relocate, we can’t feed. It’s my mother-in-law that’s feeding us hence one of the reasons why she’s treating me like this.

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