My Husband’s Sexual Fantasies Are Very Troubling To Me.

Bayo Ajibola

I am Bola. I not long ago got married, last November to be precise. I got married to the love of my life,Michael. Myself and Michael dated for a year after we met at a friend’s get together in 2017. He’s very gorgeous,I was mesmerised when he asked me out. He has been my good friend and biggest support ever since we have been with each other and I would do just about anything for him.

Being married have been amazing too. I have not been so satisfied in my life. I would like to make sure that we have a well grounded married life. The sex is great. I want to keep it that way because I’ve been reading a lot of posts on marriage and sex in marriage. I know its a massive deal and I want us to have the best so that none of us would ever have course to check out another person outside our marriage.

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In the course of our honeymoon and first month in wedlock,we spoke about a lot of things and our sexual fantasies. In fact,I pushed him to speak about his fantasies. I assured him that I would be fine regardless of what they are. I revealed to him mine. In the end they’re just fantasies right? My fantasies will be to have sex on the seaside and we did that in fact.

Mike told me his fantasy was to have a threesome with me and another person. I laughed. I thought that was cute. I thought that will mean with a complete stranger and I told him I could take it into consideration sometime in the near future. He was amazed that I would agree with that. Well,I really do dislike the idea because am a very secure person or so I assumed. So,provided it was with a complete stranger,I am game.

However,Mike said his fantasy wasn’t with a complete stranger but an individual very close to us. I found that troubling. Then I inquired who around us would he propose. He said and I quote: my best friend Kemi. Kemi?…my own closest friend Kemi whom I’ve been friends with since secondary school? There’s no way this is cool.

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The fact that my hubby is thinking about a threesome with my best friend is actually troubling. I told him its never ever going to happen. We kind of laughed over it but ever since that time,I’ve been seriously shaken by this knowledge. I have intentionally avoided Kemi ever since we go back from our honeymoon. Kemi have been eager to come see us or hangout with us but I have found lame excuses to keep her away.

Kemi and I are best friends. I miss her and she is wondering why we are not as close any longer. Would you think that I am over reacting or should I ensure that Kemi and I are no longer close so that Mike would not have any reason to want to fantasize about her anymore?…or do you think I am just being weird?…its just a fantasy…to be truthful,Mike is certainly not kind of guy…

I am desperate to hear views from other people. I would prefer not to be judged for my choices,it took a great deal to talk about this cos I have so scared…

Bayo Ajibola

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