“My lover blocks me on WhatsApp, drops breakup message whenever I don’t give her money” – Man laments

A Nigerian man in a toxic relationship on, Nairaland, is seeking advice saying he started dating the lady in January and she has been demanding even above his financial status.

He said each time he is unable to give the money, she would block him on WhatsApp and also drop a breakup message.

“The most painful part of it all is that anytime she asks of anything, and I’m not capable of what she asked for, she will first block me on Whatsapp and drop a breakup message. I will be the one to call and persuade her and when she feels like to unblock me she will do that.

But now, she’s asking for salah cloth and I don’t have the amount she’s asking for. I told her I don’t have the money for now while I told her that I don’t know what tomorrow will say and as soon as I said this, she dropped the breakup message as usual and block me on WhatsApp,” he wrote.

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